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Nekonomicon Rating: 17+

Nekonomicon is the story of a cat that uncovers what should remain buried… but won’t, because what good story ever started with leaving anything alone? Welcome to our love letter to the horror-comedy genre and a representation of fantastic, diverse storytelling, Nekonomicon.

Nekonomicon is a point-and-click adventure, mini-game compilation, and visual novel video game. It has an emphasis on lively characters, eccentric humor, and our love of 70’s-90’s horror comedies. With this kind of game, we really need a character that encompasses the very energy of that. The game follows Nikki, a witch in training who is clueless to the dark pasts of their predecessors. Following in their grandmother’s footsteps, Nikki will encounter obstacles, meet new friends, and unravel the hidden truths of the Nekonomicon.

Nikki will encounter a variety of monsters they must overcome and defeat through the use of their creative thinking and their execution of microgames. It’s not all doom and gloom though! Nikki will also meet plenty of fun and loveable characters along the way who may or may not die horribly… Hmm, maybe it is all doom and gloom.