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Sensitivity Reader

We are looking for a Sensitivity Reader who can provide insights into specifically the cultural and personal experiences of a Moroccan Muslim, whether you personally are from Morocco or have close family that can assist you. We would prefer female applicants, as we are specifically looking to portray the relationships between mothers and daughters, and the unique relationships that women have with Islam. We want someone who is willing to work freelance or part-time on the development of a Public Demo for a game which will be used for a subsequent Kickstarter. Contracts will be written before the campaign. Payment after the campaign for the development of the full game can be discussed both during and after a potential interview. It is not necessary to be located in the US for this position, as the work is remote.

Phantom Hound Studios

At Phantom Hound studios we look to provide high-quality gaming experiences to all, with an emphasis on supporting and lifting up marginalised communities such as LGBTQ+, Disabled communities, and people of color.

The Game

Nekonomicon is an upcoming 2D mini game compilation that focuses on both horror as comedy and genuine horror. It features elements of point and click adventure games and visual novels, and draws inspiration from games like Cooking Mama and Warioware for its simultaneously casual and fast-paced mini game style.

The Job

You will be working alongside writers, artists, and the creative director to ensure that the game avoids harmful stereotypes and upholds a genuine quality of design that encourages diversity. We want to make sure that the comedy and designs are relatable, but never stereotypical or offensive. Involving a sensitivity reader that is experienced with the culture we wish to portray will ensure that members of this culture get to have an impact upon the game itself.


  • First-hand experience with Moroccan as well as muslim culture
  • Ability to work well in a team and supply constructive criticism
  • Some experience with creative writing


  • You will supply a unique perspective to the design process, ensuring that our representation is authentic and recognizable in a culturally sensitive way.
  • You will review and critique character designs and suggest improvements or additions that could potentially be made.
  • You will work with the writing team to ensure that the story and dialogue are fun and engaging, while avoiding harmful or sensitive topics that could in any way perpetuate offensive ideas.
  • You will assist in editing of current writing, as well as write and supply your own suggestions for dialogue and narrative beats, providing your own spin on the pre-existing materials.
  • You will be responsible for looking into and researching topics, and provide the nuance necessary to extrapolate relevant information. These topics will only be on the culture that you are already familiar with.

Nice to Haves

  • Experience with video games, either your personal play time or experience working with game devs.
  • Experience working remotely on a team.
  • Experience working with small and large teams.
  • Experience with crowd funding projects.
  • Ability to write in Darija, though this is very much not necessary.
  • Comfort with subjects relating to horror.

Please make sure you provide a link to a website or proof of credibility with your resume.

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Staff Name

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